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5 Early Signs of Ageing and Ways To Combat Them

Let’s face it: there’s no way to ward off ageing forever. However, there are definitely ways to keep it at bay for longer. That starts with identifying the early signs of ageing and addressing them using the right methods.


Dehydrated Lines

If you’re starting to see fine lines on your face, don’t fret just yet. They are most likely just dehydrated lines, brought on by – you guessed it – dehydration! When your skin lacks water, it tends to look thinner and dryer.

Tired-looking skin

When you don’t get your essential 7 to 8 hours per night, the lack of good shut-eye tends to show up on your skin right away. See those grey undertones and dark under-eye circles? That’s your skin calling out for more bedtime!


Dull skin can occur when your pores regularly get clogged up by impurities, whether it’s residual makeup or air pollutants from being outdoors in the city.

Dead skin cells

Skin cells usually regenerate every 28 to 30 days, and when they do, the new skin cells will push the dead ones to the top layer of your skin. However, dead skin cells can sometimes accumulate on your face, leading to a dull complexion.

Uneven skin tone

When dark spots and patches show up, that’s when your skin tone starts to look uneven. It usually occurs when one has been overexposed to damaging UV rays from sunlight. Exposure to air pollution – especially in the city – can also result in the development of brown spots on your face.

1. Renewing Treatment Lotion + Cotton Pad

The Nutox Renewing Treatment Lotion is developed with LumiNes to lift away impurities, and when it’s applied with a cotton pad, its renewing effects get even better! Using a cotton pad can gently exfoliate your skin and remove any excess oil and impurities. Additionally, toner on a cotton pad also does wonders to relieve discomfort after shaving or waxing.

2. Renewing Treatment Lotion + Spray Bottle

Placing the Renewing Treatment Lotion in a spray bottle turns it into an overall toning mist that you can take anywhere with you.  In addition to its radiance-boosting benefits, you’ll also enjoy a lighter and more refreshing sensation afterwards.

3. Renewing Treatment Lotion + DIY Sheet Mask

Turning your Renewing Treatment Lotion into a DIY sheet mask is a relatively novel concept, but also a fun one! All you have to do is soak a soft cotton or fibre cloth sheet mask with the Renewing Treatment Lotion and leave the mask on your face for 3 to 5 minutes for your skin to absorb its full hydrating qualities. These DIY sheet masks can be easily found online or in pharmacies! You can also do the same with paper towels and cut out holes for your eyes, nose, and lips for a quicker and cheaper option.

4. Renewing Treatment Lotion + Facial Massage Roller

After using your Renewing Treatment Lotion your preferred way, you can enhance its effects by rolling a facial massage roller all over your face. Doing so will boost blood circulation and improve your skin’s tone and texture. As a bonus, the increased blood circulation can also smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Renewing Treatment Lotion + facial massage roller: a power duo if we’ve ever seen one!

5. Renewing Treatment Lotion + DIY Eye Pad

The eye area is one of the clearest indicators of good skin health or otherwise. If you have dark under-eye circles or fine lines, simply soak two cotton pads with the Renewing Treatment Lotion and place them under your eyes or over them for 3 to 5 minutes. That way, the product’s renewing and hydrating abilities can directly target your eye area.

In summary, if the notion of ageing scares you, don’t let it! Now that you have learned what some of the early signs are, you’ll know what to watch out for. Better yet, you’ll know how to treat them! Now go forth and share this knowledge with your friends and family!

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