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3 Reasons Why We Love the Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate

The cat is out of the bag – the Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate is officially the no. 1 best-selling serum in Malaysia! Of course, we could not have done it without the tens of thousands of loyal users such as yourself. In fact, you’re now part of the same club as the 98% of women surveyed who saw a reduction in wrinkles after just 7 days!


If you’ve yet to experience the wonders of our powerful serum, here are three solid reasons that will convince you to take the leap.


It improves your skin and protects it against visible signs of ageing

If you’re new to Nutox and have never heard of Actigenic+ before, that’s because it’s a trademark technology of ours that exists only in – you guessed it – our star product! Formulated after years of continuous research, it boosts the skin’s ability to self-regenerate. What’s in it exactly? The answer is microalgae and Indian Gentian extracts that help skin produce more collagen (more on that later!) and regenerate its cells more quickly.


As for bird’s nest extract, this is a star ingredient that can be found throughout our anti-ageing range. One of its winning characteristics is that it contains water-soluble protein which can strengthen the structure of your skin to prevent sagginess. Bird’s nest is also known for having the Epidermal Growth Factor, or EGF for short. It stimulates skin cell growth to ensure your skin is always at its most youthful looking. The best part is, Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate contains two times more bird’s nest extract than the rest of the anti-ageing range!


It speeds up skin’s natural production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid

As one’s body ages, the skin’s extracellular matrix also begins to lose its structure, causing the skin to become less elastic. The extracellular matrix is made up of three important components: collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. With Actigenic+ in the Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate, genes that can speed up the production of these components get reactivated once more. Firmer extracellular matrix = fewer or less visible wrinkles!


Better yet, the bird’s nest extract also contains collagen which promotes speedier cellular regeneration. When your skin cells regenerate and renew more quickly, your skin can also look smoother and younger.


It firms and smoothens skin in just 7 days

It may sound like a wild claim, but at Nutox we only make promises we can keep. Between January and March 2017, we conducted a study on 118 Malaysian women who used the Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate at home for 7 consecutive days. The results? 98% of those surveyed reported a reduction of wrinkles in just 7 days!


The improvements don’t come to a halt after a week, of course. With continued use, you can expect skin to look even smoother, as the skin’s texture gets repaired and fine lines become less pronounced.

Time to transform your skin!

With all these amazing benefits, it’s easy to see how our star product has risen to becoming the best-selling serum in Malaysia! Don’t just take our word for it though; get one for yourself at any of the stores here! We hope you’ll enjoy this magic in a bottle.

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