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What is Actigenic+?

Actigenic+ is the trademark technology used in Nutox Advanced Serum Concentrate, the best-selling anti-ageing serum in Malaysia.


Actigenic+ is the result of years of continuous research to develop the ideal technology for the best anti-ageing solution. This self-regenerative system, which is exclusive to Nutox, derives its healing properties from bird’s nest to boost skin’s natural regenerative abilities.


Epidermis, or the upper layer in the human skin, is a multi-layered epithelium composed of 80% of keratinocytes at different stages of the keratinocyte differentiation process. The epidermis is continually renewed due to a permanent production of new keratinocytes.

Epidermal ageing is characterised by a loss of 10% keratinocytes per decade, which is caused by a decrease in proliferation capacity, linked to a diminished production of growth factors over time. This physiological change leads to a thinner epidermis, and slows down the skin’s natural renewing/repairing process, which in turn accelerates wrinkle formation.



Actigenic+ is made up of microalgae and Indian Gentian extracts that promote efficient collagen production and cell regeneration for our skin. It induces a strong production of growth factors that are found in bird’s nest extract, and promotes keratinocyte proliferation to produce a thicker epidermis, with a higher number of keratinocytes layers. As the epidermis gets thicker, wrinkles can be filled in, thus reducing their visibility.


It also uses the self-renewing properties of stem cells. Stem cell therapy has emerged as a promising new approach to regenerative and reconstructive medicine, and is now an advanced science aimed at replacing, repairing, and regenerating tissues and organs affected by the ageing process.


Additionally, it helps to reactivate idle genes and restructure the extracellular matrix. With age, the extracellular matrix loses its structure, causing the skin to lose its elasticity. As a result, wrinkles can occur. Actigenic+ can reactivate the genes that code for the synthesis, maturation, and assembly of elastin and collagen fibre, as well as hyaluronic acid, which come together to reknit the extracellular matrix.


It is not surprising to see why Nutox Advanced Serum Cencentrate has become the best-selling anti-ageing serum in Malaysia, especially when 98% of women tested reported a reduction of wrinkles in just 7 days*. Grab one today and look younger in no time.

*In-home user test for 7 continuous days, among 118 Malaysian women between Jan and Mar 2017

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